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As I’m still designing this website nothing is set in stone but I’ve mostly decided on the type, or at least which fonts I will be using. Sizes and styling is a work in progress so it might still change.

For my headlines and menu items I wanted to utilise something bold that made a statement and ended up going with Intro, that by the looks of it; was created for that very purpose. Although I am not a fan of the ‘K’ character, I absolutely love the ‘A’ and ‘M’. I’ll be playing around with this font in a later blog post for sure.


For body text I needed a font that had nice italics, different weights but still stands out against my background. JAF Lapture made for a nice paragraph font, it’s clear and reads very well down to quite small sizes.


Then I wanted something less rigorous and more playful to use for certain minor elements, I probably could have gotten away with using graphics but ended up going with Chauncy Pro, a jovial handwritten font.


posted February 4th 2014

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