Take my tweets with a pinch of salt

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After a few tweets I sent out I’ve had a few people sending me emails and a few direct messages from strangers asking me why I was bashing Guava and Bigmouth Media (Sweden branches) on twitter the other night. And I thought I would explain my intentions.

I never intended to sound mean, bad, rude or condescending in any way shape or form. It was merely an unbiased view from me. I work with a company who have partnerships with both Guava and Bigmouth Media albeit in the UK branches. We have a great working relationship with them, and me being a Swede also follow many of their Scandinavian twitter accounts.

As a Swede I know we are probably the best in the world at most things, and we invented most things… *Pause for awe* as I keep telling my co-workers; to their dismay. I was just saying that the Swedish twitter accounts were not as active sending tweets as the UK ones, I have never worked in online marketing in Sweden so I have no idea what the lay of the land is like. Maybe twitter is not as big in Sweden, and it was just a small notice, more meant for my co-workers than to sensitive tweeople. The (embarrassingly) part was also meant for my co-workers, as I, not sure if you noticed; tend to brag about Sweden and it’s accomplishments. I didn’t mean either company was embarrassing but rather that the UK offices were more engaging than ‘My’ Swedish ones.

If I have offended anyone I apologise, but I think both @bigmouth_sweden and @guaveSE understood me correctly. They got back to me saying they where either in the early stages of using twitter and hoped to get more engaging or thanked me for my insight. They clearly understood I never meant to step on anyone’s toes.

posted June 16th 2010

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