Archived work, from October 17th, 2005.

The Client:
SnogLondon, SnogtheUK and SnogScotland where 3 of the main websites of our client. As developers of their own software and runners of several successful niche online dating sites, the owners of Blue Compass Dating approached us to come up with 3 logos and a few concepts of how to re-layout their homepages to increase conversion and signups.

The Challenge:
The client had a set idea on colours and font for the logos so we had our hands tied behind our backs a bit on this. But they wanted to give us free hands on the design of the homepages. This was really only a matter of laying out the content already on the page in a more logical way and make it look more pleasing to the eye, we followed best practices and ran some A/B testing to see howto increase the signup rates. After a few rounds of user testing with focus groups from different target audiences, we felt comfortable we where on to a winner… This also included the concept of ‘love lines’ a speed dating event along a different tube line once a week. Rotating around all over central london on a thursday evening.

The Result:
The designs were implemented troughout their sites, the SnogLondon logo was blasted on posters in the London underground for a few weeks, as the sites have grown the owners have had to make some drastic design changes themselves, they now have an in-house design team and we did a job so good they outgrew our little studio :)