Congrats Johan Bävman

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One of my best friends and old classmate Johan Bävman won second price in the prestigious World Press Photo Award for series photography.

His in depth report on the atrocious way albinos are treated in Tanzania, slaughtered because of ancient superstition (keeping a severed limb from an albino in your house supposedly brings your family luck and fortune) while living under some of the worst possible climate conditions for people with albinism.

Here are just a few of the photos that won him the price

Johan Bävman Albino series 03

© Johan

Johan Bävman Albino series 02

© Johan

Johan Bävman Albino series 01

© Johan

If you want to see some more photos check out the bookAlbino – In the shadow of the sun.

I would like to take this chance to congratulate him and put some added pressure on him to provide me with the photos I requested for the redesign of my website.

posted February 19th 2009

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