Translation of “Stockholm City closes site for the summer”

This is for English speaking twitterers, I did not write this post merely translated it. I was so chocked I had to show it to you. I was looking for sourdough bakeries in Stockholm (Bakery & Spices is closed for the summer) in Google and followed a link to the newspaper Stockholm City. It looks […]

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An extreme day out of the office

As some off you know I went with a Colleague to meet with FrestyleXtreme and the Bolddog freestyle motocross team about some online marketing plans. As they are a very busy group of people they invited us down to Thorpe Park to have the meeting while they where working. They were preparing for the opening […]

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Seeing celebrities by themselves

I just happened to be following someone one twitter, while looking at her twitter page I saw someone she followed without an image (you know when it comes up as text) got curious and ended up on Lucy Liu’s twitter page. The last tweet was telling me she made a myspace page last night. I clicked the tinyurl and what did I find.

Lucy Liu, all by her lonesome…

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Great application of twitter as a customer relation tool

I know everyone is talking about twitter lately, mainly because UK media got a hold of it; the rest of the internet has known of it for quite some time. Since some are still trying to figure out what the point of it is (no names), I thought I would share a case of how to put it to great use.

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Truer words have never been told!

I read a fantastic blog post by Headscape’s Paul Boag, it clearly explains some of the essentials for anyone who is looking for a new or old designer! If you only have a minute read his summarisation below.

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Ooooooh dear, what have I done

A quick note to let everyone know I agreed to do something funny for money this year. I was challenged by a group of friends and stupid as I am, I agreed. Now I’m going to have to own up…

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Congrats Johan Bävman

One of my best friends and old classmates Johan Bävman won second price in the prestigeous World Press Photo Award for series photography.

His in depth report on the atrocious way albinos are treated in Tanzania, slaughtered because of ancient superstition (keeping a severed limb from an albino in your house supposedly brings your family luck and fortune) while living under some of the worst possible climate conditions for people with albinism.

Here are just a few of the photos that won him the price

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Unexpected recognition

I was recently approached by Luc Arnold over at spicywebdesigners asking me if he could interview me for the website. It is always flattering when someone tells you they like your work so I agreed.

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