An unsolicited refresh of the Tor Browser landing page

I use the Tor Browser and the onion network for much of my online surfing and have always had a pet peeve with the landing page that looks like it was made 1998. Because of that I decided to make a more up to date looking version, as a designer you can’t really help yourself. […]

posted April 11th 2015 in Notes

Fresh OSX install checklist

Having to try and remember the commands & settings that I use to get me started with a new computer every time is a bit of a hassle (mainly because you only do it once every few years). To save time I’ve prepared this little checklist for myself, if it saves you a little time […]

posted December 22nd 2014 in Notes

Modifying Sass color variables

Sass comes with functions that can easily be applied to colours in your CSS properties. These functions, can be very useful if used correctly. They let you manipulate your colours without cluttering your CSS with other HEX codes. When we use the functions with variables, they can speed up our development remarkably. I’ll start with […]

posted February 27th 2014 in Notes

Type used in redesign

As I’m still designing this website nothing is set in stone but I’ve mostly decided on the type, or at least which fonts I will be using. Sizes and styling is a work in progress so it might still change. For my headlines and menu items I wanted to utilise something bold that made a […]

posted February 4th 2014 in Notes

The dark Knight Rises

Directed by Christopher Nolan. Here is another responsive poster experiment. This was inspired by Adam Jureskos print, found on etsy.

posted January 27th 2014 in posters

Take my tweets with a pinch of salt

I’ve had a few people sending me emails and a few direct messages from strangers asking me why I was bashing Guava and Bigmouth Media (Sweden branches) on twitter the other night. And I thought I would explain my intentions.

posted June 16th 2010 in Notes

50 random questions answered

Apparently it has been a very boring Sunday night because I decided to share my answers in respones to Le’s post.

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På grund af Kungl. Maj:ts genom Nåd. Bref den 10 febr. 1888 meddelade förständigande skola dessa « Varningsord » anslås å sådant ställe i allmänna läroverkens och folkskolornas lärosalar, att de må varda för skolungdomen tillgängliga. VARNINGSORD mot brännvinsbruk och dryckenskap, af f. d. Generaldirektören MAGNUS HUSS den 22 Oktober 1887 ingifna till Kungl. Kommissionen […]

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