An unsolicited refresh of the Tor Browser landing page

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I use the Tor Browser and the onion network for much of my online surfing and have always had a pet peeve with the landing page that looks like it was made 1998.

Tor Browser landing page

Tor Browser landing page 2015, 800×600 pixels

Because of that I decided to make a more up to date looking version, as a designer you can’t really help yourself. You may like my version or prefer the old version, it doesn’t matter. I wasn’t asked to do this, I made it as an exercise for myself.

I intentionally didn’t make it responsive as the Tor Browser doesn’t yet have a mobile browser so it would be impossible to view on a mobile device.


Feel free to use any of the code or graphics in any way you wish. Download zip (20kb)

posted April 11th 2015

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