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A brief introduction to Peter Wimren

Published Nov. 2007 - rewrite (content-page.php)

Peter WimrenI was a traditionally trained Graphic designer who like so many others had to keep up with the times. With limited jobs in the graphic design sector and too many great designers in Sweden, I made a calculated decision. I went back to school and learned to design for the interweb, dabbling in online communication and project management. Unfortunately, there are too many graphic designers who think that because of their training they are also qualified to design for the web.

With my new training and enhanced confidence, I headed for London in search of a job. Four years later, I am at the top of the food chain in the company who gave me an opportunity all those years ago.

I’ve set my sight on going to America. It is no surprise as they are the forefront of web production and online design. Anyone in my position would want to work with the best and brightest to heighten their own level of competence.

If you think I might be a candidate for a position in your company, please contact me or connect with me at LinkedIn.